28 September 2010

It's Just... an Expiration Date!

Hi everyone!

This is one of those random posts Edi mentioned last week.

So. It all went down yesterday, when I made a quick stop at a gas station - okay, before you chastise me for stopping by a gas station when I crave cereals late at night, I was in a hurry. I picked up the cereals shown in the picture (after passing ham and cheese sandwiches; the ham was grey, mind you), headed to the register and asked the vendor: "Could you tell me what the expiration date is, please?" *Smile of a damsel in distress*

The vendor scratched his head. *Embarrassed smile*
I understood. I had the same reaction he did a minute earlier in the aisle. Can you make sense of the inscription below?

The inscription reads:

05237 C 1
MR 1606 23:36

Can someone make sense of it? I certainly can't.

According to the vendor, 1606 stands when for the product was made/packaged. I guess at 11:36 PM. What about 1606? January 6, 2006? *head scratching*

As for when the product expires, he had no clue. Curious as always I took it home nevertheless, thinking, "Kellogg's, darling, please have mercy on your customers. Don't let them poison themselves."

Pour some milk. Powdered sugar (sweet tooth phase). First spoon.

Not good. At all.

If someone can decipher the code on these bowls, please chip in. I'm adding a heartfelt plea to all food makers out there using the same coded language to let us in the secret: If not already, make the expiration date more accessible on your products. Customers first? Pretty please.

Note: I'm sad to report I've seen expired products (candies, chocolate, on sale... at another gas station. Guess who scratched her head?)


  1. I think it's great that you're checking ex. dates. There's a certain market that I have to check the dates on EVERYTHING, I mean everything that's packaged. Are they trying to save money or just not keeping track?

  2. Linda, that's a good question. I wish someone would tell me the logic behind it. :)


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