12 June 2010

Is It Because of the Food?

Do you have an active imagination? I do. Today, I was wondering what would happen if I suddenly had some sort of an attack. How would I get help? Maybe this thought came from me trying to decide what to eat this evening. I don't want to cook. I just want to pick something up. Is it possible to find healthy fast food?

Let's say medics could get to me. They'd have to use my cell phone to find my relatives. C'mon! This is the 21st century! Who keeps emergency contact cards or address books in their purses anymore? I don't have a contact for 'me' or 'home' in case I lose my phone... because I don't have a land line! I probably need to label my children as 'son' and 'daughter' and label my sister as 'emergency contact'. I wondering if anyone reading this has a clever way to address this important issue of keeping an emergency list?

Also along these lines is the need to make sure someone has passwords to my online accounts. From what I've heard, it can be a nightmare getting FB and other social networking services to work with family members if someone can no longer maintain their own account. Privacy after all! Instead of just that paper trail of account information, there also needs to be a digital one. Someone would also have to have passwords to my email accounts and Twitter because I have so many wonderful friends that I only know online! My children don't even know most of them exist but they'd have to know to contact them for me.

Sorry if you think I'm being morbid. I'm really feel like I'm being Andy Rooney. I have these thoughts sometimes, I guess that's why I blog!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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