09 May 2010

Inny or Outy?

Did you know there's another food recall? This time it's romaine lettuce in 23 states and again it's e-coli. Along with the notice came the advise to shop the center of the grocery store, buying canned and frozen veggies.  This is exactly what I try not to do, preferring fresh items without all the additives and preservatives. I prefer doing what other 'experts' advise: shopping outside the aisles and going along the perimeter of the store. In the summer, I hit the farmers markets.

Although I don't always make the energy and take the time, I do like to cook. As Zetta indicated in a comment to a recent post, not everyone likes to cook at all. I think wherever we get our daily nutrition, we need to be aware of what we're eating. I want to be aware to make wiser choices. I mean, I know I'm only going to live as long as I'm going to live, but while I'm here I want to reduce as much pain and discomfort as I can. And, one one to do that is to eat better, eat wiser. Now, to make these words part of my habit!

Over the Christmas holidays, I caught the author of Eat This Not That on a talk show. He was revealing how Yoplait yogurt can have as much sugar as a Milky Way bar, how a personal pan pizza from Pizza Una can be higher in fat and calories that a a large Papa Johns and more. I had to get his book! In addition to have pictures of good and not so good choices from a cross section of restaurants, he also compares grocery items and recommends healthy food items. There are several books in this series written by authors at Men's Health.

I guess we just have to work to gain the knowledge and decide what we feel is best for us. Inny or outy, which shall it be?

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the recall. Now, I know why I like Yoplait yoguart.

    I wanted a quick snack today. So I picked up a small bag of almonds. It would've been a healthy if not for all the salt. The package said salted but it should've said extra salted.


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