20 April 2010

Post Inc.

Most of you know I maintain another blog. It's hosted by a different service, so I'm getting used to the format here. What do you think of this layout? Are there any gadgets, tools or buttons I'm missing?

I look forward to including all kinds of perspectives and sources as we take this road to get healthy. I already have a couple of new directions!  First, my son Rodney has agreed to co-author this blog. He posts as "Roddawg". He's an amazing young man and will be introducing himself to you in the next few days.

You may have also noticed in the posts that Zetta Elliott (author extraordinaire!) suggested we watch and discuss "Food Inc". It will be on PBS tomorrow, I think at 8pm. If you can't watch it, record it. It is also available to be viewed online at Netflix if you have a membership. If you don't have a chance to watch, visit the website for the show and go through the information there.  What do you learn from this show? What do you doubt? Question? Want to know more about? How does this re-inforce what you already know/think/believe? How will this change what you eat? We'll begin the discussion on Thursday.

So, if you have other movies to recommend, books you'd like to review or interviews you'd like to post please feel free! Just send me the information and I'll post it.

Did you see the article SteelPierce placed in the comments for the last post? The article begins: "It's not just food."

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