23 April 2010

Food Inc

The Food Inc website maintains links to numerous issues raised in the movie:
  • environmental impact
  • global food crisis
  • cloning
  • farm worker protection
  • diabetes and obesity
  • factory farming
  • pesticides
  • nutritional labeling on foods
Were you able to watch the movie  or visit any of the links on the NPR website? What issues spoke to you?

I didn't watch the entire show because I fell asleep. I did watch enough to motivate me to stop eating meat and I haven't eaten it since watching the show. I had given up most meat when I was in undergrad and was really on a healthy eating regimen. I maintained this practice for a while when my children were young, making their baby food, breast-feading, watching the labels on juices... But life gets complicated. Time gets demanding, money gets tight and McDonalds gets convenient. Honestly, I think I did pretty good by my children. They have very healthy attitudes toward nutition and exercise. Unfortunately, a 'healthy attitude' isn't enough to be healthy today!

I had a friend in Taiwan who was quite adamant about eating meat and one of her concern that the animals' fear and suffering would fester in their bones and muscles. Maybe. I know what I saw on Food Inc,.


  1. I'm glad I first learned of this film on Oprah--if you're trying to take baby steps, she's your girl! Michael Pollen was on her show, and he was explaining that you don't have to adopt an all or nothing POV--and I really liked the Stonyfield Organics guy talking about the upside of working with Walmart...I think it's really important to try to stay open and be flexible--and to forgive yourself when making a consumption choice that negatively impacts workers, animals, the environment...start small and do the best you can to stay informed so you can make a better choice next time. That's my goal, anyway. I only eat meat once or twice a week, and I could easily cut that down to once a week. I now also know that Chipotle practices humane slaughter--or buys meat from folks who do--so when I do eat meat, I can go there. There's a great vegan spot not far from me--I want to patronize them more often. It's like reprogramming your brain...it's entirely possible, you just have to pace yourself so that the changes are *sustainable*...

  2. Wanted to share this link with you (she's a former student):


  3. Zetta,
    I do think you're right about 'baby steps'. I don't want to do quite, temporary changes like dieting. I want to implement changes in my diet that are develop from greater awareness and a desire to be healthier. The meat think was kinda sudden after seeing the movie. I can't shake the image of those chickens.
    I think I found out about the practices at Chipotle on Oprah, but I've not eaten there. I'm trying to make myself cook more. I think prepare one's own food is about the best way to eat healthy.


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